But I Thought... Famous Last Words!

"Asking questions eliminate assumptions, accepting excuses compound assumptions." -- Coach Bob Reish

But I thought... Famous last words. For most of us, this phrase has exited our mouth at one time or another. But I thought... The police officer would not stop me for just a few miles over the speed limit. When we assume, we are often are disappointed due to unrealistic expectations. When we fail to understand all the facts, disappointing circumstances often result, becoming aware of all the facts creates choices.

Assumptions create unrealistic expectations. Making assumptions bury facts and spread unproven theories. Clear communication depends on clear expectations. When we assume something, we are creating expectations based on fear, confustion, and bias. Creating unreaslistic expectation will result in disappointment and failure. To create a clear expectaion requires a person to have the correct information.

Asking questions will reveal needs. When we offer value based on true need, we will be able to respond to any situation with clarity, confidence, and impartiality. The ability to ask questions and not assume reveals your intention to add value not make inaccurate conclusions. The ability to ask questions reveals your intention to understand needs and not respond with your opinion. Asking questions allows for great listening, assuming creates unrealistic expectations. Listening to understand versus listening to respond will create expectations of delivered value.

Business Coach Bob Reish


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