How to Achieve the Impossible

"Excellence is the continuous process to change your thinking to be in alignment with who you desire to emulate and become." -- Coach Bob Reish

The willingness to be good enough destroys the process of becoming excellent. When you settle for what you have based on what you have done will deteriorate the path to excellence. The desire to be excellent determines beforehand the destination. What you believe you will accomplish drives your determination beyond every excuse.

5 principles to achieving excellence:

1. Believe you are excellent. What you say to yourself determines what you believe. Determination is the key to achieving excellence. Welcome only the words of those who believe in your potential, not those who fail to see your potential.

2. Emulate excellence. You will become who you choose to emulate. Choose to emulate those with integrity and value. Remember, people will emulate you, are they emulating the person who you would emulate?

3. Act like who you desire to become. When you act and dress like the person who you want to be, it reflects the person you are becoming. Reflect the person who you are becoming!

4. Align with excellence. Seek out the company who reflects the person you are desire to become. The company you associate with will show others who you desire to be. Who you associate with will impact your thoughts. Are the people you associate with represent the excellence you desire to achieve or surviving the status quo?

5. Dream big. Big dreams will keep your mind moving in the direction of significance, restrictive thinking will keep you believing dreams are impossible. When you focus on the impossible, you will miss the opportunities ahead, when you dwell on “I’m Possible”, you will achieve the impossible.

Steve Jobs said, " I would trade all of my technology with an afternoon with Socrates."

To trade your success for a moment in time with someone of excellence is a picture of a desire to become excellent. Not being satisfied with the status quo is a trait of excellence. Desiring to achieve excellence much greater then others believe you are capable of is essential in becoming excellent. Excellence is a choice. Become the person who you know you are and will become!


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