I never finish projects even though I have good intentions when I start. how do I finish what I start?

"We should work on our process, not the outcome of our processes." -- W. Edward Deming
Starting someting new always begins with excitement and anticipation of great things. Life alwsys seems to get in the way and knock us down. We now are feeling discouraged and hopeless. We all have started things and life gets in the way. Things go unfinished. We start another project and the same thing happens. Before we know it we are overwhelmed and don't know what direction to go. When we learn to focus on the most important thing that will move us toward our goal, we will master our priorities.

The most common mental error of a sports athlete is when they focus on what is next and not what they are doing. Although it is imparative to always look toward our goal, it is essential to focus on the task at hand. When what is ahead distracts us we will lose control of what we need to do to get to where we need to go.
When a football athlete looks ahead before catching the ball, the ball is often dropped, when a baseball player takes their eye off the ball to see where they want to hit it, they strike out, when a golfer does not focus on the moment, they will fall victim to the circumstances around them.

A laser focus on the process will keep our priorities in the correct place. Focusing on one thing at a time and completing it will allow us to be able to achieve our goals and reach our destiniation. When we fall into the temptation to look ahead before we should leads to failure. Lack of focus leads us to believe shortcuts will lead us to success rather then the consistancy of the process which has proven to be successful
Distractions will lead us astray.

There are 4 myths we will believe when we are distracted by circumstances.

I have time to do everything I need to do. The average person has 300-400 hours of reading they will never have time to do. Successful people are selective in what they do. We never have time to do everything, only the important things.

I work better with deadlines. We often have deadlines because we create them. Deadlines are often creates because of procrastination and delays. This results in more stress and mistakes.

I am a Great Multi-Tasker. The truth is when we focus on one task at a time, we will be more efficient and clear about what we are doing. We need a singular focus. Multitasking creates confusion and frustration.

I should help everyone who asks for help. The truth is very successful people say "NO" to almost everything. The key is understanding how to say "No". Saying "No" will create more control over your time and focusing on the right priorities.

As we begin to understand what we control and how to thrive and not just survive, we will learn to focus on a process or systme. Remember: A system is saving yourslelf time, energy, and money.

Business Coach Bob Reish

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