The Illusion in Communication

" The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." -- George Bernard Shaw"
Communication is the single thread in everything we do. It is either good or bad. Everything is bonded with communication. Although we all focus on the most effective communication, and believe we communicate better then everyone else, often we miss the most important aspect. The assumption that communication has taken place disrupts the bond that holds businesses, relationships, and friendships together.
We all have experienced that loose thread in a piece of clothing. When we pull the tread it begins to pull apart the article of clothing. It appeared to be just a loose thread, it was tied to every other thread. Instead of assuming we are communicating correctly, we need to re-evaluate our communication. Instead of avoiding a situation, we need to insure we have communicated effectively. Instead of believing everyone understands, we need to focus on how clear we have communicated for clarity and understanding. Focus on the understanding of the other person, not assuming we communicated clearly. Often when we believe we have communicated clearly, confusion is often the result.
Tips on clear communication:
1. Focus on your responsibility to communicate, not their inability to understand.
2. Repetition. Communicate what you will tell them, tell them, tell them what you just told them.
3. Listen first. Be interested in what they have to say.
4. Understand them before you respond to them.
5. Accept responsibility. Accept the responsibility for the lack of communication. Clarify their concern and communicate.
6. Reaffirm understanding. Be sure you are clear of what is being communicated before you communicate. Don't respond until you are confident you understand.
7.Create a conversation. Asking questions and creating a dialogue creates an opportunity to listen and show your willingness to understand.
8. Stay on point. Focus on one topic at a time. Finish the conversation and be sure clarity, not confusion is achieved before moving to the next topic. Avoid multitasking your conversation, discuss one thing at a time.
Clear communication is the key to effective relationship building. When we stop dwelling on other's inability to communicate and focus on our ability to commuicate, magic happens!
Business Coach Bob Reish

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